About Us

Welcome to Ultimate Performance® Medical .

You are likely to have found yourself here because you may have found it a frustrating and time consuming process to find and buy quality tapes, supports and other therapy supplies that are relevant to you, your practice and your clients. 

UPmedical.co.uk is a trade only site, available exclusively to medical businesses and healthcare professionals, so please excuse us if it takes a moment or two longer to register.  We aim to protect our privileged pricing structure by not revealing our trade prices until you are logged in and verified - a process that takes only a matter of minutes. 

Once this has been done we will send an email which reveal the trade prices and will allow you to place your order whenever it best suits you.  Order before noon Monday-Friday and we will aim to deliver the next working day for free.

We are dedicated to service and innovation and strive to make sure our products only reach the market when they have been tested and tweaked until they are totally fit for purpose.

Our sales team is happy to support you with training and follow up – and our customer services team is at the end of the phone to answer any queries you may have.   We invest in advertising and PR campaigns to drive demand for products, as well as using social media.

Ultimate Performance® medical products are part of the 1000 Mile Sportswear portfolio.   1000 Mile Sportswear Limited was set up over 20 years ago and has developed a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner with an extensive portfolio of sport, medical and well-being products.